Door and Hallway Systems

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Self Storage door and hallway systems add another level of convenience and functionality to your self-storage facility. A diverse assortment of door and corridor solutions is available to meet your needs.

Self Storage Roll-Up Doors
Made of galvanized steel, roll-up doors maximize the use of space in your storage facility by storing the door conveniently overhead – and out of the way. Solid and dependable, they are constructed with quality materials such as tensioners and springs and bearings, all of which are specially designed for low maintenance. Roll-up doors are built to order, with over 20 attractive color selections available as well as optional factory slide or cylinder type latches.

Self Storage Hallway Systems
If you’re thinking about converting your existing structure to self-storage – or you need interior hallways for your climate-controlled facility – consider a hallway system designed by Express Building Systems. In addition to providing adequate lighting, the corridor, light and soffit systems make the ceiling and entrance of your self storage facility appear clean and professional to customers.

Including corridor filler panels – used to enclose the space between the door and top of the hallway – adds a finished look to your self storage facility hallways. They also provide more flexibility with regard to the size of your doors and units. Filler panels can be ordered to match your hallway system or to accent doors within your self storage facility.

Express Building Systems also offers multiple ways to protect your self storage hallway system investment. Options which safeguard your hallway system from both damage and burglary include:

· Personnel Doors
· Kick Plates
· Corner Guards
· Burglar Bars
· Securewall