Metal Building Color Selections

Pier and Header Texture and Color Selections

Made of galvaneal steel, our piers and headers are available pre-painted with a smooth finish, or can be tex-coated onsite for a masonry appearance.

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Hawaiian Blue, Crimson Red, Fern Green, Burnish Slate, Koko Brown, Charcoal Gray, Gallery Blue and Rustic Red are are up-charge colors due to an additional coat required to achieve color.

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Roof Wall Panel IPS and Trim Color Selections:

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Express Building Systems provides a wide assortment of modern colors for your metal building, matched with complimentary trim, gutter and downspout colors. For information about color and texture features, If you would like an original copy, or hard samples of the color chart options, please e-mail us at Be sure to include your mailing address in the body of your message.