Metal Roofing and Re-Roofing

METAL ROOFING is today’s roofing material. At EXPRESS BUILDING SYSTEMS Metal Roofing is our business, new construction, re-roofing or retrofit roofing, we’re in your corner.

Our retrofit roofing system is a complete and fully-engineered, light gauge structural system that includes framing, bracing and a metal roof system.
Express Building Systems understands that all roofs eventually need replacement. We also know that a metal retrofit MAY carry a higher intial cost, but when the total lifecycle cost is considered, a metal retrofit is the lowest cost alternative. We have experience in roofing, re-roofing and retrofitting, proven with millions of square feet of successfully completed projects throughout Canada and the United States.

Regardless of your existing roof type or whether your roof sub-structure is steel, wood or concrete, Express Roofing System’s can be designed to provide a long lasting roof that will satisfy the building owner’s requirements. Our Roof Systems can address flat roof construction that has leaks, problematic rainwater discharge, high maintenance costs, low energy efficiencies or all of these issues.
EXPRESS can assist you with developing a preliminary budget, estimating, engineering as well as providing a complete set of shop drawings for your roofing project. From concept to completion, EXPRESS’S design department is staffed and prepared to provide professional assistance to the owner and architectural and contracting communities. Our rigid design process ensures every roof design, new, re-roof or retrofit can give you the peace of mind that it will perform as designed.

EXPRESS BUILDING SYSTEMS also offers solutions for metal-over-metal applications, too. Retrofit wall applications can also help to increase the energy efficiency of a building and improve the aesthetics.


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