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Whether you’re building a new facility or expanding an existing one, Express Building Systems will assist you with site planning, layout and unit mix to maximize your rentable space.

Express Building Systems is committed to upholding standards of excellence in all aspects of our business. From showing you how to maximize your space… to helping you obtain the permits you need, our friendly staff is here to make sure your building goals are met on time and within budget.

Our skilled experts can also help you design an appealing exterior to give your building a professional finish. What’s more, we’ll work with you to expedite the permitting process – so you can get started with your building project as quickly as possible.

Our 20 manufacturing locations provide economical freight costs with the ability to service jobs all over the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean basin.

icoNew Portables

Portable Buildings from Express  can be shipped in knock down fashion, assembled on site, ganged together and would look very similar to a single story building . These portables are built on the same platform as our single story self storage buildings and can be designed for your climate to accommodate snow loads. They can be mounted right on existing surfaces and could avoid the expense of permitting This particular size is 10×20 . Leveling feet , insulation can also be included. Many different sizes are available depending on your needs. Typical applications are to replace parking spots in self storage facilities, which do not generate as much revenue as these portable units.[popuppress id=”13741″]


Express Building Systems have a solution to those worn out shingle roofs or steel roofs that require replacement. Various styles of steel roofs can be applied directly over shingles without their removal . Most popular , standing seam , slim line or screw down steel can be applied. Additional weight added is approx one pound per sq.ft. Over tired existing steel roofs , a new steel roof can be laid down to extend the life for an additional 25 years. Large cost savings can be enjoyed by not removing the existing shingles or steel. In addition , for those buildings that are having condensation issues , insulation can be rolled out prior to the steel being applied to ensure the facility interiors remain dry.  [popuppress id=”13751″]

icoInnovative Site Design

Express Building Systems understands that proper planning is essential to the success of any self-storage system. That’s why we provide a skilled team of land planners, architects, civil engineers and structural engineers to assist you in creating an impeccable self storage site design. Our outstanding attention to detail ensures that you make the most out of every inch of storage space you have available.

icoStorage Unit Mix Recommendations

Let us help you boost your profits by creating the most efficiently sized unit mix. Keeping in mind that quality and simplicity are paramount to the look and use of your self storage site, we will use our vast expertise to recommend the unit mix that works best for you. The unit mix can then be converted to a Financial Proforma that supports your business plan.

icoFoundation and Building Assistance

With many years of construction experience under our belts, Express Building Systems will draw your foundation to ensure that your new metal building structure fits perfectly on the slab(s). Should it be necessary, we can also arrange for a qualified metal building erector to assist with building your new self storage facility.

icoSelf Storage Permits

Securing the proper permits for your self storage facility can be a time-consuming, complex process. But it doesn’t have to be. From start to finish, Express Building Systems is on hand to assist you with permitting, working directly with your Province officials to make sure your self storage project is approved quickly. This kind of hands-on service means fewer headaches for you – and fewer delays in getting your self-storage metal building plans off the ground.

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