Multi Story Structures

In a time where the cost of land is skyrocketing, a multiple-story self storage metal building can help you increase site efficiency and improve your revenue potential.  A self storage metal building with multiple levels also provides increased road visibility to prospective tenants.

Building multi-story facilities is a specialty. Not all metal building suppliers are properly qualified to design and manufacture these structures, Express Building Systems has a vast history at experience to aid in your design.

Despite increasingly tight zoning, requirements, Express Building Systems can integrate your multi-story design into even the most restrictive building specifications.  If your site conditions are steep, we offer split level self storage design and interior hallway systems that allow for easy access.  Our flexible design systems adapt easily to the requirements of multi-tier boat & RV storage.

With innovative ideas and years of expertise building multi-story metal building structures, Express Building Systems can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to your business needs.

Sample Of Express Building Sytems Multi Story Structures

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