Structures and Features

Express metal building packages include piers, headers, columns and purlins; all of which are pre-punched and bolted together. In addition to providing a strong foundation for your facility, this exclusive system ensures a perfect custom fit and rapid assembly saving you money and your erector time. It also eliminates the need for on-site welding.

Our structures are prefabricated according to your specific design requirements and typically follow a 5×10 grid pattern. All of the necessary bolts, screws, galvanized clips and anchors are included. Additionally, our buildings use 3” Galvalume® standing seam roof panels which offer a limited 20 year warranty.

Express Building Systems offers the option of a rolled roof on our metal buildings where the roof pitch is under 1/2”. A rolled roof seals out moisture, produces fewer seams, reduces installation time and is far more economical than conventional roofing methods. It is also energy efficient and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Colored roof options are available to satisfy city and county requirements or your self storage style preferences.

Building Features At-A-Glance

·  Adaptable to masonry or tilt panel perimeter system to meet local building codes/structural requirements
·  3″ Galvalume® standing seam roof with a limited 20 year warranty
·  Concealed clip fasteners with no field roof penetrations
·  Post purlin structural roof system with 5 x 10 typical grid
·  Base plates are galvanized to prevent corrosion from moisture in the concrete
·  Heavy duty galvaneal pier and header system
·  Texturized piers and headers for a non-metal smooth stucco appearance
·  Bolted connections versus screwed for speed and structural integrity
·  Full fastener and sealant packages
·  Certified drawings provided for your Province
·  Galvalume partition systems available in horizontal or vertical configurations
·  A wide assortment of newest color choices matched with complimentary trim, gutter and downspout colors
·  Options for doors, insulation, windows and other accessories